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Introducing the Recover L90 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber, an advanced solution for hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions at home, in gyms, or studios. This state of the art chamber combines cutting edge technology with the ultimate comfort to deliver the benefits of hyperbaric chambers.

Key Features - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  • 1.4 ATA (7psi) operation for optimal pressure range without compromising on space.
  • A durable multi surface zipper seal ensures a safe and secure hyperbaric oxygen chamber experience.
  • Large transparent viewing window and optional oxygen delivery via face mask for a comfortable session
  • The internal metal frame maintains the chamber's shape, even when deflated.
  • The antibacterial memory foam mattress with a cotton & bamboo cover for a hygienic and comfortable experience in your home hyperbaric chamber.
  • Oil-free air compressor and advanced PSA Molecular sieve absorption filter provide pure oxygen rich air and maximum hyperbaric chamber benefits.
  • Emergency pressure relief valve and easy entry & exit system prioritize safety and convenience in our portable hyperbaric chamber during oxygen treatments.
  • Additionally we supply hyperbaric chambers for sale and rental. Further all are supplied with template risk assessments, operating procedures, and onsite training for seamless setup and use in the UK & Ireland. International orders include a document pack and installation video supported by a training webinar. Please get in touch to discuss the hyperbaric chamber price and delivery options.

Certified Quality - Hyperbaric Chamber UK

Additionally all of our equipment is manufactured in ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO13485 certified facilities. Furthermore Every hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber model is accompanied by a UKCA or CE Declaration of Conformity.

Complete Package Includes

  • 90cm portable HBOT chamber with a maximum 1.4ATA (7psi) operating pressure.
  • Antibacterial cotton 7 bamboo memory foam mattress
  • Oil-free air compressor with advanced filtration.
  • Oxygen  concentrator with 1-10L min continuous oxygen production, no tank necessary.
  • Semiconductor Refrigeration Technology Air Dryer for optimal temperature and humidity control.
  • Site/Home setup, installation, training, warranty, and support for hyperbaric chamber cost transparency.
  • Template operating procedures and risk assessments for the safe use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Safety First

Our company is dedicated to your safety during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We offer the following safety features:

  • Rapid depressurization with the emergency pressure relief valve in under 45 seconds
  • Internal and external pressure display
  • Automatic over pressure relief valve, preventing over pressurization of the chamber
  • Easy entry and exit with our unique zip door design in our hard shell hyperbaric chamber
  • Chamber and auxiliary equipment CE/UKCA compliant

Also we have a clear, upfront pricing policy and display all hyperbaric chamber cost and delivery information at checkout. Additionally please see our video section for some of the benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy.

Furthermore are you looking for a hyperbaric chamber in London, Dublin or anywhere in the UK and Ireland? Indeed visit our store or blog and select "hyperbaric chamber near me" to find Recover Hyperbaric Chamber UK facilities in your area.

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Product specification

Compare the L Range, Recover Hyperbaric Chambers

Max Pressure

1.5ATA (7psi)

1.4ATA (5.5psi)

1.4ATA (5.5psi)





Auxiliary Equipment

72L/Min Air Compressor

1-10L/m Oxygen Concentrator

Air Dryer

72L/Min Air Compressor

1-10L/m Oxygen Concentrator

Air Dryer

72L/Min Air Compressor

1-10L/m Oxygen Concentrator

Air Dryer